Culinary Boot Camp 1 Starts Today! (5 Consecutive Sundays)
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Sunday 03-03-2019
9AM - 5PM


Spend five consecutive Sundays in our kitchens learning to cook like the pros! Have you always wondered what it would be like to go to culinary school? The Chopping Block's Culinary Boot Camp 1 gives you a taste of a professional culinary program without the lengthy time commitment or heavy financial burden. Culinary Boot Camp 1 explores all the fundamental methods of cooking, from basics to advanced techniques. Each week builds on the previous week and on the last day, you'll tie everything together to plan and produce a menu with your classmates that incorporates all of the techniques you've learned. After just five sessions, you'll go home with a foundation of fine-tuned cooking skills.
Day One: In Depth Lessons in Knife Skills, Fish Butchering, Making Fish Stock, Emulsion Sauces and Fish Cookery.
Day Two: Chicken and Beef Butchery, Stock Making, Braising, Sauteing, Stuffing, Roasting and Grilling.
Day Three: In Depth Lessons in Soup Making. Classic "Mother Sauces" and Vinaigrettes and how to Apply them to Everyday Cooking.
Day Four: Cooking Techniques of Eggs, Vegetables, Beans, Grains and Potatoes.
Day Five: Enjoy a Tastebud Tutorial, Work on Plating Skills and Perfect the Techniques from the Week. 2-week cancellation policy.
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