Homemade Dog Treats
Seats available: 3
Saturday 02-24-2018
2PM - 3:30PM


Instructor: Leah Stuckey
Spend an afternoon learning what human foods are safe for the special canine in your life while preparing BARKery quality treats made from the food found in your very own kitchen. You'll get to take home a box of assorted treats for your pup!
Elvis Pupcakes with Banana Cake, Peanut Butter Frosting and Bacon Sprinkles; Sweet-Paw-Tato Fries; Corgi Quinoa Cookies; Beagle Bagel Bites.
Skills Covered in Class: Preparing Dog-Safe Cakes, Cookies and Frostings; Understanding Baking Ingredients; Determining Cake Doneness; Working with Quinoa.
This demonstration class will be held in our semi-private kitchen on the retail floor.
1-week cancellation policy.