Clean Eating with Alia Dalal: Plant-Powered Protein
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Wednesday 01-17-2018
7PM - 9:30PM


Instructor: Alia Dalal
Health and Wellness Chef Alia Dalal kicks off her clean-eating class series with a class dedicated to picking and preparing quality plant-based protein sources.
While animal proteins are certainly not off-limits in a clean-eating diet, incorporating plant proteins into your diet, as well, allows you to simultaneously consume a variety of vitamins, minerals and fiber, while minimizing exposure to antibiotics, hormones, heavy metals and other toxins.
Students will learn the benefit of building meals around a variety of nuts, beans, whole grains, seeds and vegetables and will feel confident adding these inexpensive, flavorful and nutrient-filled ingredients to everyday meals.
Recipes Include: Black Bean, Tempeh and Collard Hash; Curried Quinoa Salad with Carrots and Currants; Butternut and Apple Soup with Popped Lentils and Peas; Horchata Hemp Shake.
All classes feature simple-to-make recipes for a breakfast, a lunch, a dinners and a snack. Classes can be taken individually, however participants are encouraged to sign up for the three-class series. During class students will sample all the dishes prepared by the chef. Class is vegan and gluten-free.
1-week cancellation policy.