How to Bluff Your Way Through Wine
Seats available: 3
Saturday 09-02-2017
5PM - 6:30PM


Of all wines ever made, each is united by 4 simple variables. Learn these variables to understand the foundation of wine, how all wine is the same and each wine-sometimes each bottle!-is unique. Our discussion will also include a brief wine history, elements of wine chemistry, and professional tasting technique and tips for pairing wine with your favorite foods! This seminar is a must for entry-level wine drinkers and a fun refresher for more practiced wine aficionados! Tasting includes 5 international wines.
Mary Ross is an internationally-recognized wine and food professional, educator and journalist. She is the first American woman to receive the Wine Spectator's "Grand Award of Excellence" and the second American woman to receive the Court of Master Sommelier's "Advanced Sommelier" degree. Ross's lively and informative style makes her a popular speaker with the wine trade and consumers alike. The consistent testimonial from her seminars is "I never thought learning about something so complicated could be so much fun!"
You must be 21 or over to attend. Please present valid ID at the time of check-in.
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