Global Healing Kitchens with Alia Dalal: Japan
Seats available: 4
Wednesday 09-13-2017
7PM - 9:30PM


Instructor: Alia Dalal
In the global healing kitchens series, wellness chef Alia Dalal explores authentic, home cuisine from cultures with strong food-as-medicine traditions. In this class, we'll explore the plant-centered cuisine of Japan and the Japanese island Okinawa, known for having the world's longest life and health expectancies. Stepping aside from restaurant traditions like sushi and ramen, this class will focus on home-style food and ingredients like seaweed, mushrooms, green vegetables, pickles, noodles and more. We'll also learn how sensory pleasure and aesthetic balance are connected to good nutrition through the Japanese principle of Washoku or "harmony of food." Learn staples like making dashi (broth), steaming, and pickling that you can apply to your healthy home cooking.
Recipes Include: Miso Soup with Mushrooms, Greens and Fried Thin Tofu; Cold Soba Noodle Salad with Ginger and Carrots; Washoku Bento with Rice, Spinach Gomae, Baked Sweet Potatoes and Pressed Cabbage Salad; Jasmine Green Tea.
Class is vegetarian and vegan with the exception of an optional egg in one dish.
During class students will sample all the dishes prepared by the chef.
1-week cancellation policy.