Drink This, Not That
Seats available: 3
Friday 03-24-2017
6:30PM - 8PM


As cocktails become more accessible there are still some common misconceptions about some of the staples of the mixology world. Sugar cube or simple syrup? Is there such a thing as "good sour mix"? Do I really need bitters? Where's the Rose's lime juice?
In "Drink This, Not That" we explore the ins and outs of what you need for the perfect at-home bar and we get into the real dos and donts of how to perfectly replicate some quintessential classic cocktails.
During the 1.5 hour, hands-on class, led by Mixologist Danielle of Pour Souls Mixology, each guest will make and enjoy 3 beverages. Must be 21 years old to attend, ID's required at check-in.