Cookware Corner: The Virtues of Cast Iron
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Saturday 01-21-2017
1PM - 2PM


Instructor: Nicholas Beaulieu
Take advantage of our annual cookware sale this month by attending one of our Cookware Corner classes! Which pan should I use? What temperature should I use to heat my pan? If these questions plague you every time you step into the kitchen, you're not alone. In these classes you'll learn about your options. What cookware to choose and what kind of heat you need to get the best results. You'll leave these demonstration classes feeling more confident in the kitchen than ever before! Each class will include a tasting portion of food that was prepared in the specific cookware.
The Virtues of Cast Iron: There's a reason why cast iron sauté pans have been so popular since the 19th century. They heat evenly, can go from stove top to oven, clean up in a snap and are naturally nonstick when properly cared for. We will demonstrate all of these aspects of this remarkably versatile cookware. We will also show you how to properly season these pans, making them last a lifetime.
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