The Great Turkey Adventure with Craig Bell
Seats available: 7
Saturday 11-14-2009
2PM - 5PM


Let's get seasonal with returning barbecue guru Craig "Memphis" Bell. In this class Craig will teach you how to smoke a whole turkey on the grill, how to brine and grill turkey breasts, and how to safely deep-fry a whole turkey. His sides include Cranberry Sauce, Cayenne Sweet Potato Puree and Gravy.
Craig has been competing in national and regional barbecue competitions for 15 years. Growing up outside of Memphis, his love of barbecue began at a young age. He learned techniques from pitmasters at the Rendezvous, Bozo's BBQ, Three Little Pigs, The Commissary, and Interstate. He has won world titles for sauce and ribs, and other competitive titles for lamb, venison and seafood. He and his cooking team have been featured on the "The Today Show" with Al Roker and numerous cooking shows in the US and Europe. Come watch, taste and learn from a true pro!
All grilling classes are held outside on our covered patio. Sponsored by Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet.
1-week cancellation policy.