Food and Wine of Burgundy
Seats available: 1
Friday 11-06-2009
7PM - 9:30PM


Instructor: Quincy Bissic, Jr.
Burgundy has a noble history, but its fabled cuisine is hearty, honest and down-to-earth. Let's pair this rustic food with the world-renowned, delicate Burgundy wines for a special evening.
Frisee Salad with Epoisses Cheese Croutons and Lardons (Epoisse cheese, made from cows milk, is Burgundy's most famous cheese. It is soft, politely pungent and sharp on the palate); Escargot with Parsley and Roasted Garlic Cream; Braised Chicken in Dijon Mustard and Creme Fraiche Sauce; Caramelized Apple Crepes.
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