Five-Day Teen Camp: Baking and Pastry
Seats available: 16
Monday 07-29-2019
10AM - 1PM


A five-day mini camp for kids age 12 to 16 to experience, hands-on, cooking simple yet sophisticated menus that they can recreate at home. They will learn the basics of knife skills, menu planning, and organizing prep work.
Day One: Quick Breads: Individual Lemon Meringue Pies with Homemade Pie Dough; Buttermilk Biscuits; Blueberry Muffins with Streusel Topping.
Day Two: French Pastry Techniques: Cream Puffs with Pastry Cream and Chocolate Ganache Glaze; Crème Brûlée. Note: Yeast doughs will be made on this day in preparation for day 3.
Day Three: Yeast Dough and Fritters: Berry Bombs (Jam-Filled Raised Donuts with Strawberry Glaze); Apple Fritters; Homemade Everything Bagels.
Day Four: Cakes and Cookies: Jelly Roll Cake with Fresh Fruit and Cream; Individual Devil's Food Cake; Lemon Macarons with White Chocolate-Lemon Ganache.
Day Five: Frosting, Filling, Cake Assembly and Decorating: Chocolate Buttercream; Cookies 'n' Cream Frosting; Assemble, Fill, Frost and Decorate Devil's Food Cake.
1-week cancellation policy.