CXLD Tequila Tasting
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Thursday 01-24-2019
7PM - 8:30PM


Instructor: Christophe Bakunas
Mezcal, a Mexican spirit made from agave, is the most illuminating experience of terroir, culture and 500 years of history all captured in a bottle. This indigenous spirit of Mexico is just now being explored in the US. Come explore the beauty and complexity of mezcal, unlock its secrets and see firsthand what mezcal and its traditions hold.
Christophe's passion for this spirit will be evident as he walks you through the artisanal production of this spirit, decodes the multiple varieties of mezcal and takes you on a journey to understand the rich and colorful history of this mysterious spirit.
You'll start the class with a mezcal-based welcome cocktail followed by a tasting of 6 unique mezcals and tequilas from different regions in Mexico. Light snacks will be provided throughout the evening. "Para todo mal...Mezcal...Para todo bien...tambien!" For all things bad, Mezcal, for all things good, also Mezcal!
Christophe Bakunas has worked two and half decades in all facets of the wine and spirits world from owning/running a wine bar, producing wines and spirits in three wineries/distilleries on the West Coast to distributing alcohol nationwide as well as in Chicago. Christophe's passion for flavor and sharing knowledge is as strong today as it was 20 years ago. "The greatest gift the wine industry can give is a human awakening to the pleasure of sharing and exploring."
You must be 21 or over to attend. Please present valid ID at the time of check-in.
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