THE KITCHEN ECOSYSTEM: Sustainability Lecture and Cooking Demonstration with Eugenia Bone
Seats available: 10
Monday 03-09-2015
6PM - 8:30PM


Would you like to change your cooking, one pint at a time, to better reflect your palate, your purse, your place and your politics? Join us for a special lecture and cooking demonstration by Eugenia Bone, author of "The Kitchen Ecosystem: Building a Perennial Pantry". Eugenia's lecture will focus on teaching you how to make your kitchen a sustainable and self-sustaining one.
Eugenia is a nationally known food journalist and author. Her work has appeared in many magazines and newspapers, including Saveur, Food & Wine and Gourmet. She is the author of five books including "At Mesa's Edge", "Italian Family Dining" and "Well-Preserved". Her newest book explains how to jump start your own pantry: how to rethink your shopping habits, how to choose which foods to preserve, and how to fold preserving and the creation of support recipes into your busy schedule. The Kitchen Ecosystem is a modern take on pre-industrial food values, and will put cooking back into your own hands.
Eugenia's will prepare recipes from her book, including Spaghettini with Homemade Stock, Ricotta and Toasted Breadcrumbs; Pork Tenderloin Poached in Whey with Sage and Bay.
Copies of Eugenia's book, The Kitchen Ecosystem, will be available for purchase before and after this event. Each title will be 10% off for participants!
1-week cancellation policy.