Baking Boot Camp (Thursday, Friday and Saturday)
Thursday 01-31-2013, 10AM - 4PM
Instructor: Paul Boedeker
Cost: $525.00
Seats available: 7
Roll up your sleeves and spend a three day, dough-filled weekend in the pastry kitchen.
Day One- Doughs and Batters: Yeast Dough; Pie and Tart Dough; Brioche Dough; Croissant Dough; Devil's Food Cake; Lemon Lavender Cookie Dough; Linzer Cookie Dough.
Day Two-Pâte a Choux, Custards and Filling: Pastry Cream; Chocolate-Glazed Éclairs; Chocolate and Caramel Ganache; Pistachio Crème Brûlée; Buttercream.
Day Three-Assembly and Garnishing: Shape and Fill Croissants; Frost and Assemble a Layer Cake; Bake and Assemble Cookies; Assemble Chocolate Raspberry Tart.
1-week cancellation policy.