French Sauce Workshop
Seats available: 0
Tuesday 01-29-2013
6PM - 8:30PM


Instructor: Lucio Davila
Join us for the evening and master the time-honored techniques of classic French sauce-making.
Sauce Bordelaise (A Luscious, Rich Red-Wine Sauce) with Roasted Filet Mignon; Sautéed Pork with Charcutiere Sauce (White Wine, Mustard and Cornichon Sauce - a Staple in Paris Bistros); Chicken Chausseur (Wine, Shallot and Mushroom "Hunter's Sauce").
Skills Covered in Class Include: Learning about the Mother Sauces; Understanding Mirepoix; Preparing Reductions; Using Roux as a Thickening Agent; Deglazing; Balancing Flavors; Making a Pan Sauce; Selecting Beef, Pork and Chicken; Determining Meat Doneness.
1-week cancellation policy.