Sauce Boot Camp
Sunday 01-27-2013, 10AM - 4PM
Instructor: Ethan Pikas
Cost: $150.00
Seats available: 0
Have you ever wanted to learn how to make stock? How about mastering the art of making roux and reductions? We'll teach you how to conquer all things sauce-related, from classic to contemporary techniques, in our most comprehensive, hands-on sauce class.
Homemade Chicken Stock; Bordelaise; Béchamel; Veloute; Hollandaise; Mushroom Cognac Pan Sauce; Apple Cider Gastrique; Truffle Cream Sauce.
An assortment of meats, vegetables and starches will accompany the sauces.
Skills Covered in Class Include: Learning about the Mother Sauces; Understanding Mirepoix; Making Stocks; Preparing Reductions and Emulsions; Using Roux as a Thickening Agent; Deglazing; Balancing Flavors; Making a Pan Sauce.
1-week cancellation policy.