Culinary Boot Camp Starts Today!
Seats available: 9
Monday 01-21-2013
8:30AM - 4:30PM


Instructor: Mario Scordato
Spend a week in our kitchens learning and cooking like the pros! We've created an essential culinary curriculum over the course of five days.
Day One: In Depth Lessons in Knife Skills, Fish Butchering, Making Fish Stock, Emulsion Sauces and Fish Cookery.
Day Two: Chicken and Beef Butchery, Stock Making, Braising, Sauteing, Stuffing, Roasting and Grilling.
Day Three: In Depth Lessons in Soup Making. Classic "Mother Sauces" and Vinaigrettes and how to Apply them to Everyday Cooking.
Day Four: Cooking Techniques of Eggs, Vegetables, Beans, Grains and Potatoes.
Day Five: Enjoy a Tastebud Tutorial, Work on Plating Skills and Perfect the Techniques from the Week.
Please contact us at or 312-644-6360 for more details.
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2-week cancellation policy.