The Basics: New Mexican Cuisine
Seats available: 2
Monday 05-09-2011
10AM - 12:30PM


Instructor: Mary Beth Rocco
The Basics classes help you lay a foundation of cooking techniques to build on. You'll learn about ingredients, how to time a full meal, and which tools and equipment are right for the job.
Black Bean and Roasted Pepper Empanadas; Grilled New Mexican-Spiced Fish with Fruit Salsa; Grilled Chayote, Zucchini and Yellow Squash Salad; Coconut Flan.
Skills covered in this class include: Savory Pastry Crusts; Vegetable Fillings; Selecting Fish for Grilling; Fruit Salsas; Grilling Vegetables; Caramel Custards.
1-week cancellation policy.