Totally Hands On Sushi
Seats available: 0
Optional Sushi-making Kit: $24.95
Sushi Class Per Person: $85.00
Tuesday 05-03-2011
7PM - 9:30PM


Instructor: Mario Scordato
Learn hands on how to prepare maki rolls, California rolls, nigiri and spicy tuna hand rolls. You will learn the secrets to making perfect sushi rice and finding the freshest fish.
Special offer: Get equipped to put your new sushi skills into action! We're offering a set of essential tools and ingredients at a discount, including Sushi Rice, Rice Vinegar, Wasabi, Pickled Ginger, Nori, and a Bamboo Rolling Mat. Prepurchase when you enroll, and receive these on the day of class for $24.95 - a $35.95 value!
1-week cancellation policy.